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Take The Pain Out of Writing Copy Text

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I promise, it is all going to be okay <3

This is a tough one. Actually, this is can be the hardest task for clients: writing your copy text. Whether it’s for a website or brochure, you want to make sure you are not only connecting to your audience, but also positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. We need to build trust without being salesy and gross. How do we do that?


1. Who is your ideal client?

Well first, let’s take a step back. You have a service or a product to offer; but do you know who you are trying to sell it to? Take a minute to close your eyes and think about it. Who is your ideal, picture perfect client? Think about where they may live geographically. How old are they? Are you speaking to surfer dudes on Laguna Beach? Or business women on Wall Street? Understanding who your target market is will help dictate the type of language you use and the pain points you specifically target to try to grab their attention.

2. What Are Their “Pain Points”?

Pain points. This is a weird term you may or may not have heard of. Basically it comes down to this. Businesses help people. But can you name the challenges that keep your customers up at night? These are the points that you want to address up front. Because YOU have an answer for their pain. You can help. Showing your customer that you not only have a solution for them, but understand exactly what they are going through helps build trust between you and your customer.

3. Trust is Key.

Imagine your grandma. Now imagine you are trying to explain your product/services to her. She trusts you. And you are very honest and specific about how you explain it to her. Being confident and transparent with people builds brand reputation. So does giving them genuinely valuable information: for FREE.

Answer the most frequently asked questions. Tell people what makes you different than those other guys. Provide resources for them. Spotlighting your expertise helps others trust you. Blogging, using social media, and public speaking are all great tools to expand on this even further. Maybe even check out what your competitors are doing...can’t hurt right?

3. Prioritize Dang-it!

What are the most important actions that you would like people to take when they visit your website or read your materials? Make a list of the top three. Now let's make sure we keep those goals front and center when we are writing. Using action words like: “Buy Now” or “Download” are actually scientifically proven to motivate people into following through with a sale they are already interested in. I know, it’s silly to think about, but actually true. Using headlines or maybe even a tagline can grab even more attention. Also, people LOVE easy-to-read lists.

5. Channel Your Inner Brand.

Successful businesses have brand strategies. Notice I DIDN’T say "business strategies"; but a BRAND strategy. When a brand creates a strategy, usually the personality of the brand has been defined. Not just the color palette and logo, but the actual voice and culture of your brand. The way your customers feel after they work with you. Your brand strategy and personality should be cohesive across all platforms. And it should be evident in the way that you speak to your customers. If you are at a loss for how to start, think back to when you first started your business. What impact are you trying to provide in people’s lives? And why are you so passionate about this? Don’t talk AT people. Talk to them. We are in this together, remember?

6. Hire someone

Not a writer? Don’t have time for that noise? That’s cool. Hire it out! I guarantee a writer somewhere is waiting by the phone for you to utilize their talent! If you need I can even recommend some boss chicks (I’m all about supporting fellow fempreneurs).

Whatever you choose, BREATHE! Remember that copy text is not permanent! If you don’t like how something flows, it is easily editable. As your business grows, so will your vision. Don’t stress! Let's just make sure we get your most important points across and you keep not only your business in mind, but your audience.

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