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bonjour. hola. hello.

Originally from the NYC Metropolitan Area, I currently reside in Champagne, France. My educational background spans across Information Technology, Digital Design, and Cultural Studies. My work focuses on elevating women creatively, technologically, philanthropically, and entrepreneurially. I uphold this mission on a global scale. I am currently seeking partners for both a future Benefit (B) Corporation and a Virtual Incubator for Creative Women Entrepreneurs. If you are interested in learning more about The Haven Project or Siren Tuesdays, please contact me 🤍.

langue. language. idioma.


Native Speaker


Native Level Comprehension/

with Speaking CERF B2


CERF Level B2.2

sobre moi / about me

Newlywed living in Champagne, France 
Expat since 2013 across 4 Countries (USA, France, Spain & Italy)
Afro-Latina Owned & Operated 
Host of Siren Tuesdays : a virtual incubator for women creatives 
10 + Years Experience in International Branding, Marketing, & Information Technology
8 Years Experience in Art Direction

Member of the RAINN Speaker's Bureau
15 + Years Volunteer work in various underserved communities
Spoken Word Poet



2018 - Present

Siren Tuesdays

CEO & Founder. Virtual Incubator for Creative Women Entrepreneurs.

Siren Tuesdays is a free initiative which works to elevate women creatives towards sustained entrepreneurial roles and C-Level positions. Click here for more information.

2018 - Present


Speakers Bureau. Washington, DC. USA.

Registered to speak in partnerships with media, government, student, artists and event organizers to spread safety and awareness efforts for survivors of sexual violence.

2020 - Present

Underworld Black Arts Festival

Digital Design & Strategy. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA.

Volunteer for a festival that acts as an incubator for experimental work, innovation, and intergenerational dialogue from Black voices worldwide. Quartlerly strategy sessions working directly with the founder. Digital marketing campaigns and website management.. 

2012 - 2016

NJ Envronmental Federation

Grassroots Organizer. Montclair, New Jersey. USA. 

Formerly employed by the New Jersey Environmental Federation as a Grassroots Political Organizer. I remained actively involved in NJEF awareness projects, donation drives, and volunteer efforts throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

2010 - 2011

NAACP Youth Council

NAACP Youth Council Member . Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

Previously involved with fundraisers, awareness projects, and peace rallies that were of relevance to supporting the advancement of minorities in low income areas through education, community outreach and political efforts.


United Way Worldwide

Teaching Aid in Underserved Communities. Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

Volunteered in elementary schools and day cares in underserved communities. Read stories to young children and performed hands-on activities while teaching about a broad variety of topics including hygiene, self-care,and shape/color recognition.

2009 - 2010

Rockin' the Suburbs

Music Festival Event Organizing. Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

Worked with a team of fellow students to organize a music festival fundraiser within my city. The festival raised $10,000, and featured legendary hip hop groups Sugarhill Gang and DMC of RUN DMC. Money collected was build a recording studio for the music program at Montclair High School.


Center for Social Justice

Gates Manor Nursing Home. Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

Aiding local nursing home, Gates Manor by creating collage memory books to aid Alzheimer’s patients in stimulating object recognition and acute memory acknowledgement.

2007 - 2012

Sister to Sister

Trained Peer Mentor for Young Women. Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

Trained peer mentor for young women ages 11-18. Efforts included weekly mentoring sessions, seminars, volunteering activities, and aiding in the college application process.


Before I focused on women owned-businesses, I worked in mainstream marketing and often crossed paths with projects led by celebrity brands, Fortune 500 companies, musicians and athletes. While I am proud of these projects, please make no mistake... I have way more fun nowadays. 
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