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Our Tribe was founded by Josselyn Okorodudu and Latonya Chichester, both of whom are parents to Black children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Josselyn created a network for the Black Autism community in Cincinnati and needed digital support to extend her mission towards families, partners, research centers, investors, and lawmakers.  While she did have an established logo and Facebook community, she was still awaiting confirmation of her non-profit status and did not have a website, marketing materials or a digital system in place. 


To create a website and print material to help elevate this non-profit's messaging and cause. Help them come across to potential partners as trustworthy, active and informed. Streamline communications so it's easy for new members to onboard. 

Not for us, but BY us. We ARE the Black Autism Community. And together with you, Our Tribe seeks equity and justice for our children, our families, and ourselves. We got this. 

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Our journey began with several Discovery Sessions. During these 2 days, I helped guide the Community Advisory Board through activities which helped define the brand identity, challenges and goals.

Since Our Tribe was a newly registered non-profit organization specifically higlighting a marginalized community, it became clear that we needed to make sure our brand positioning was concise, culturally informed, relatable and also portrayed our urgency. 



Our Tribe needed marketing material to distribute to families, conferences, networking meetings and grant applications. They wanted to portray a frank and transparent brand. They were not just working for the Black Autism Community. They WERE the Black Autism Community. Due to this, Our Tribe holds a unique perspective to their mission. They were already here and waiting for families with big open arms to support them wherever they needed.  A step further, Our Tribe needed to bring awareness to their research projects with hospitals. We used print, social media, blog posts, grants, website and partnerships to get their message across. 



I designed the Our Tribe website and marketing material to be transparent, relatable, and culturally informed towards each audience. This included concise language for Black families, hospital researchers, and policy changemakers.   I provided Our Tribe with digital assets and a logo kit that could be provided to all future sponsors. I optimized their website and connected it to their social media media pages, online apps, and orgnization blog. I provided consultative services towards the art direction of their company-wide photography shoot. This shoot was used for aiding in the brand identity. During the process Our Tribe was able to support 2 more grant approvals for their mission. 

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The mudcloth holds significant value in West African cultures and is a recognizable textile design within Black Communities. The mudcloth traces connections to community, ancestry, and spirituality.

OurTrube mudCloth-01.png
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