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Brand Repositioning
Creative Direction
Videography and editing
Upcoming fitness program and mobile app




At the height of the pandemic, Blanca Pombal launched PombalFit -  a self named online fitness brand geared towards busy parents over the age of 40. Her Instagram quickly rose into unexpected popularity within the year, as she surpassed 100k followers and leaned into influencer territory. Blanca provides effective workouts and uses her education in Nutrition to put healthy spins on regional dishes from her native home in Asturias, Spain. She guides her clients through an online experience based on their health history, goals, and biology. 



PombalFit grew into influencer status very quickly and did not have chance to build a detailed website or a UX journey.  After discussing her projects, goals and audience, we decided to pivot into a new brand positioning geared towards emphasizing her scientific process and lean into discussion about fitness over 40.


Her site is now full of information about her approach, philosophy, recipes, fitness plans and more. Happy with the site launch, we are  moving torwards creating streamlined fitness programs for clients who want to follow her regimens but need something more flexible than the personal training experience.  

"No dejamos de movernos porque envejecemos si no que envejecemos porque dejamos de movernos."

"A mis grandes pasiones: la nutrición, la salud, ayudar a la gente a sentirse y verse mejor y, lo más importante, ayudar a prevenir enfermedades degenerativas en el futuro.."

No creo en las dietas milagro, ni en las dietas restrictivas que te prohíben ciertos grupos alimentarios. Para mí lo importante es que aprendas a comer saludable, variado y equilibrado, siempre de acuerdo a tus objetivos , y que seas tú quien elija lo que comer en cada momento y cómo combinar los alimentos, siguiendo mis pautas.

En cuanto al deporte o entrenamiento, te enseñare a incorporarlo a tu día a día, con planes de entreno personalizados que te ayudarán a conseguir tus objetivos junto con el plan de alimentación. Los entrenos pueden ser en el gimnasio , en casa o en la calle. Serán personalizados dependiendo del tiempo y material disponible y del nivel del que partas.


Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 18.56.23.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 01.59.46.png

Descarga la App DudyFit para acceder a los planes de entrenamiento y nutrición.

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Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 01.59.33.png



Through our discovery session we were able to identify and define Blanca's target market,  priorities, and obstacles. We realize that she resonates strongly with parents over 40 whom are working to lead healthy lives for themselves and their families.  

We simplified the Sign-Up process for her audience and updated her channels to guide visitors directly to her fitness app sign up. We also positioned her web page to support a recipe section, a  future e-cookbook and more Youtube engagement. 


To better serve PombalFit's customer journey,  we used the new website to answer her most frequently asked questions and provide information about her educational background in Nutrition and Biology. It soon became clear that we were in need of high quality images and videos to support the brand messaging.


Blanca and I captured promotional content, headshots, and video responses for the official website and Youtube Channel. She continues to run promotions and engage her following while we prepare for our next stage.  



With the new website launched, we will now focus on expanding outreach, deepening the brand and improving accessibility to PombalFit. 


In order to offer a more simplified alternative for potential customers, PombalFit is developing online fitness and nutrition programs which can be tracked independently by the client via the mobile application. This option is efficient from the perspective of both the client and business manager. It will also naturally boost SEO due to upcoming digital marketing campaigns.

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