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Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc.

E-commerce website design Social media management Digital marketing,
Promo product design
Art direction
Email campaigns 




Cindy Perkins launched Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc. out of her Texas garage in 1993. She began by making jerseys for her kids' teams because uniforms were expensive. As years went by, people requested customizations and products beyond jerseys and T-shirts. They loved the quality work she provided. It was not long before Cindy and her husband John bought their own commercial space. They expanded even further into screen printing, embroidery and promotional products. 



After 20 years, the industry became saturated with competitors, new technology and major online printers. My mission was to help Gray Wolf  Promotions, Inc. appeal to a new customer base and to update their online presence/marketing.  

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As a screen printer, Gray Wolf Promotions had many variations of their logo in rotation. We finalized an official logo which was attractive to their target market. This step was imperative for brand consistency. The new hand crafted logo appealed because of its vintage badge style which spoke to the brand's history, quality and authenticity. We used this new logo and its submark for all branding, marketing and correspondences. 











We began by finalizing a logo and brand identity kit to be used on a consistent basis. New signage, promotional items and marketing were all initiated. The showroom and customer journey became reimagined in order to match the brand aesthetic. The goal was to attract a new nearby customer base.  

Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc. gave away complimentary promotional items to in store visitors and continued with local sponsorships. They wanted to be actively involved with the community.  These actions resonated positively with the local community and enlarged its brand recognition. 


The first changes to the Gray Wolf online accounts were via the website. I redesigned the website to be compatible with mobile devices. Then I created an eCommerce option to allow for online ordering, customization and purchasing. I added a 24/7 chat option for visitors to be able to get support quickly via the website.


I then updated their business profiles and product information on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business.  I integrated their eCommerce with their online book keeping in order to automize payments and billing for better overhead efficiency.



With the social media platforms now updated, I performed regular social media management and online marketing campaigns. I ran campaigns using Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager. We targeted audiences, ran online campaigns,  promotions, contests and events. 

Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc.'s social media account gained recognition from Wearables Magazine; a leader in the promotional printing industry. Wearables Magazine invited Gray Wolf  to Takeover their Instagram account. I managed this project and it was a thrill! Both Gray Wolf  Promotions, Inc., and Wearables Magazine received a user response rate which was 3 times above average during the Instagram Takeover.

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Digital Marketing Updates

There were many technological updates executed in order to help Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc. be more accessible to online visitors. Initiatives included:

  • Renewed mobile-friendly website

  • Activating the Google Ads and Facebook Business.

  • Running online ads, boosted posts, contests, videos, and social media management.

  • Building an email list and eMarketing campaigns

  • Predesigned vinyl templates available online for quick ordering 

  • New eCommerce ordering available on website

  • 24/7 Customer support chat via the website

  • Individualized eCommerce stores set up for their clients

  • All catalogs became available online for customers to explore at home


 Custom Designed Store Front
Channel Letter sign

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 14.12.49.png

Gray Wolf wanted to appeal to a new customer base in the nearby area. In order to do this, I worked with vendors to design a custom channel letter sign which would replace the one they had. The letters and logo was custom cut and welded. The wood aesthetic had to be digitally printed. Each letter had back lightning so that it would be visible during the night. The Gray Wolf logo was enlarged to be seen by customers when driving by. We also cut custom vinyl decals to display their partner vendors in the windows. 

Throughout their 20 years in business, Gray Wolf Promotions, Inc. never created a catalog which listed ALL of their services. I designed a print catalog for them; in which they could give to prospective customers or use to negotiate with business partners. 

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